After After Care

Post intention: To share more about my first bdsm scene with a clear head several days after.​It has been a few days since my first solo scene and while I did have a lot of fun I learned something about myself a couple hours afterward. Impact play is too hard on my body.  As I … Continue reading After After Care


Fetlife Newbie + 1st Scene

So, there's the thing... I am new to the community of bdsm. I did a year of bdsm research before deciding I wanted 2018 to be the year I started actually practicing and joining in the community. Since I did a ton of watching both peer educators and pro doms, couples and pets, as well … Continue reading Fetlife Newbie + 1st Scene

January 1st, 2018

I woke up ready to worship the moon in her full glory after doing some research and preparing. It was the afternoon so I had plenty of time till 6ish when she came up. I decided to prepare a soup for the crock pot (potato, cheese and bacon a family fave). Mom cut up the … Continue reading January 1st, 2018

Welcome 2018

It is slightly after 3AM and I am wide awake. I had no intention of staying up till midnight as I was batteling a migraine all day and went to bed early. I was awoken by the sound of fireworks all around my house at 11:58PM. I like fireworks, I think they are beautiful and … Continue reading Welcome 2018

Parents: Do Better

I am currently sitting in the waiting room with for my dad's medical paperwork appointment. Walking in there was a parent getting hand sanitizer before me, when his kids and partner walking up from behind went past me. This is not uncommon as I walk a bit slower with my cane, painfull knee and fibro. … Continue reading Parents: Do Better

The Family Inquiry

If Grandma Betsy or Uncle Pedro is going on and on about life accomplishments or milestones that you "absolutely need to meet in order to be a real man/woman/etc" like college, marriage, grandkids, retiring, buying a house turn it on them and ask them what milestone they have next. In case you missed what that was hinting that they will be dead soon... the last milestone of life. And while that can seem pretty rude you can turn it around and ask them about end of life preparations they have made and what sort of legacy they are want to leave behind...

Let’s Talk BDSM and Asexuality

I came out in my early 30s on the Asexual Spectrum. It took me years it find out why being in a sexual relationship always felt like I was playing a character. I grew up in society that was teaching me that being in a relationship meant including sex if I wanted to keep it … Continue reading Let’s Talk BDSM and Asexuality